What is WPFpedia?

WPFpedia is a free reference guide that specifically targets WPF developers. It is a categorized collection of 922 links to the most useful WPF-related resources across the web, and is growing.

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Who created it?

This site was created and is maintained by Actipro Software LLC, a leading provider of WPF user interface controls and components. If you are looking to add some sizzle to your application user interfaces, please check out our products.

You can use the Contact Us page to send us any comments, questions, or suggestions for the site.

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Why was it created?

We created this site because there is so much useful WPF development information on the web, but finding what you want can be difficult. Your options for locating WPF information are typically running Google searches, watching sites like DotNetKicks, or following specific blogs. With those options, it's easy to miss information.

Our main goal in developing WPFpedia was to provide a central location where software developers can go to get information on particular topics related to WPF development. We use it ourselves when making our own products.

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How does it work?

At its core, this site is a tagged set of links to external web pages, blog posts, and other useful resources. However we take things much further to provide additional value.

We encourage you to submit links to any free content that would be helpful to WPF developers. We moderate all submitted entries to make sure the information presented on the site is devoid of inappropriate content. You can search through the resources by tag, and view descriptions that summarize what they are about. You can cast votes on resources you like or dislike. In many cases, we even provide some general descriptions of the sites that contain the resources so you know more about who originally posted the resource.

It's features like these that make this site the single best place to go for finding out more information on any WPF topic.

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Let's get started!

Visit the home page to see the complete list of resources in the site. Or search for specific resources by visiting the search page.

Have some ideas for improvement? Please send your comments over!

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