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Karl talks about how to add and consume sample data in the WPF and Silverlight designer, helping to visualize controls.
"Developers using a visual Designer use sample data to light up their UI at design-time; to cause the Designer to render like it will at run-time. This time saving feature is especially important when designing DataTemplates or adjusting the layout of a DataGrid since the developer will not have to actually run the application to see what it will render like with data. Sample data in Cider and Blend is easy to understand and wire up. Sample data files are XAML files. Each sample data file contains one or more instances of user type's instantiated in XAML. The XAML sample data file and resulting instances of data are connected to the UI using the d:DesignData MarkupExtension. d:DesignData can be applied to a data source declared in XAML like a CollectionViewSource, DomainDataSource or can be assigned to a d:DataContext property."
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