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An article that describes WPF for the beginner and provides some tips for the intermediate developer.
"This article overviews WPF's graphics capabilities, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, fonts and animations. The writer would like to stress that the level of this article is for beginners. The reason why I am writing this article is because WPF integrates drawing and animation features that were previously available only in special libraries (such as Microsoft GDI+ and DirectX). The graphics system in WPF is designed to your computer graphics hardware to reduce the load on the CPU and in many cases speed up graphics rendering. So taking WPF for what it is, it is actually a remarkable technology that, apparently, can read and assess what your machine's graphics capabilities are via the machine's video interface card. Moreover, WPF graphics uses a resolution-independent measurement in units to make applications more uniform and portable across devices."
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