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A suite of tests to ensure that a XAML parser is compliant with the XAML specification.
"Generally, when theres an open spec format, theres usually a set of tests that ensure that the spec is being followed right. As as example, the Acid tests help in deterning the support of web standards in different web browsers. So when it came to XAML, we decided that we should have a basic set of tests that can be used to determine whether the parser implementation is compliant with the XAML spec. You can find the latest XAML spec at (LINK) So here we have it, V1 of the XAML Compliance suite of tests. The suite consists of two parts: a custom type library and a collection of xaml files that use those types. The types are self verifiable - so using the library would need users to have a simple function that exercises their parser with the xaml files. A simple loader for the System.Xaml parser is included in the project as a sample. Since the types are CLR based they can easily be used with other parsers without needing a dependency on WPF."
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