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Source (Windows Presentation Foundation SDK Blog), posted 2009-08-27

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A discussion of how implicit styles are applied to elements in a template.
"Even though I've been working with WPF for over 3 years, I'm still learning some of its idiosyncrasies. A discussion came up recently about whether implicit styles are applied to elements in a template. It turns out that the answer is, it depends on whether the element inherits from Control. Consider the following example. This example creates an implicit style for a Label and another implicit style for a TextBlock. Then it defines a ControlTemplate for a Control, in which is a Label and TextBlock. Finally, the example adds a Control, TextBlock, and Label to the StackPanel. So this XAML displays a TextBlock and Label, which are part of the Control, and another TextBlock and Label, which are not part of the Control."
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