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Shows some good practices that can be applied to the Presentation Model/MVVM pattern.
"About two months ago, I found Josh Smith's article which introduces a WPF design pattern called MVVM. As stated on the article, the MVVM is not a distinct design pattern, its just a WPF "adapted version" of the Presentation Model pattern that was introduced by Martin Fowler. The main difference between MVVM and the PM is that ViewModels have dependencies on WPF libraries to make better use of the WPF native syncronization mechanism and remove all code behind. Those Presentation Models are perfect for WPF/Silverlight projects, but some people(like me) are still uncomfortable with creating dependencies between an application logic and a specific GUI framework. In this article's demo, I'm going to show how to design WPF applications using the Presentation Model design pattern with the same efficiency as when using MVVM, but without creating dependencies to WPF or any GUI framework. Besides that, some other topics will be covered."
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