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Reduce threading code, and increase UI responsiveness with a new pattern extending MVVM.
"Probably the most often discussed topic around WPF and Silverlight in the last year or two has been the MVVM (Model View View Model) pattern. MVVM has surfaced as a candidate replacement for similar architectural patterns such as the MVC and MVP patterns, because it leverages specific features of WPF and Silverlight, most notably the data binding infrastructure, to deepen the separation of the view layer from the rest of an application's layers. This has several benefits, including allowing interactive designers to focus exclusively on the user interface (UI), concurrent development of application layers, and easier testability. The mechanisms that make MVVM so effective can also be applied to a secondary pattern, one that I have called the Model Thread View Thread pattern (MTVT). It is an approach that may be seen as extending the principles behind MVVM."
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