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A tutorial on WPF BitmapSources and related classes.
"WPF is based on DirectX a 3D drawing system and hence it is very good at vector graphics in 2D and 3D but what about bitmaps? In the main bitmap graphics in WPF are a second-class citizen and often relegated to simply providing texture maps for 3D solids. You will even find bitmaps referred to as textures in the documentation – something that doesn’t make a lot of sense until you realise that WPF is essentially about vector graphics. The good news is that that despite the emphasis on vector graphics WPF can do bitmaps and with the WriteableBitmap object you can even do bitmap manipulation.The WPF bitmap classes are essentially wrappers for the Windows Imaging Component - a COM based system that provides bitmap facilities to general Windows applications. But first let's start off with something more fundamental. Notice that if you are looking to work with bitmaps in Silverlight which is based on WPF then you need know that it does things differently."
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