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A collection of shapes: Epicycloids, Epitrochoids, Hypocycloids, Hypotrochoids, Farris Wheels, Lissajous Curves and Rose Curves.
"This article presents a group of shapes that you can use in your applications. Some of these, the Epitrochoids and Epicycloids, may be familiar if you had a Spirograph as a child. All of the shapes included here, are defined by simple mathematical relations. The Farris Wheel is the only one that is even mildly complex. However converting functions defined mathematically into vector visuals has until recently been rather laborious. The change was my last article (GraphDisplay : a Bezier based control for graphing functions and curves) , in which I developed an procedure for the generation of PathGeometry elements that represented mathematically defined curves and functions. One use such code to make practical business or scientific applications. Another, the one chosen here is to make it possible to include some pleasing mathematical vector shapes in applications with effectively no effort."
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