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Source (Delay's Blog), posted 2010-04-28

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XAML source code that allows you to easily create an "if found, return to..." lock screen for your Apple devices.
"These days it seems like everybody has a mobile device with them practically all the time. It's pretty amazing that we're able to be "always connected" - technology has made great progress! However, humankind hasn't changed nearly as quickly, and occasional forgetfulness is still a part of everyone's life. :) So it's fairly common that someone forgets their device in a meeting room, drops it out of their pocket on the bus, or otherwise misplaces it. What's to be done? Well, there are all kinds of high-tech approaches like GPS location services, network-based tracking, and the like. But sometimes a low-tech solution works, too! In particular, just slapping a label with your name and phone number on the back is probably enough to get a lost device returned when someone finds it. But that's really low-tech - and besides, some people don't want to mar the shiny surface of their pretty hardware with stickers, etchings, and the like..."
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