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A simple window-finding tool that shows off some WPF application-writing techniques.
"Window finder is a simple WPF application that shows all the visible top level windows of the current session. It can be very useful to get back access to windows that have gone off screen, e.g. after you have undocked your laptop. While being off screen is not a real problem for top level windows - you can still use the task bar context menu to move them - it can be for popup windows that don't appear in the task bar, especially if the application remembers the position an insists to draw it outside of the visible area even after a restart. With this little tool you can just drag any window back to the visible area. The functionality of this tool is not a big thing, but it nicely shows some WPF techniques in a concise project and how easy it is with WPF to have a simple implementation for simple things, so I decided to publish it here."
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