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A discussion on using IItemContainerGenerator when building a custom VirtualizingPanel.
"In part 1 of this series of posts, I gave an overview of how to write a VirtualizingPanel. One of the keys to the implementation is understanding IItemContainerGenerator. I personally found it a bit nonintuitive to begin with. IItemContainerGenerator will not only help us generate (realize) and destroy (virtualize) the items, but we'll also use it to track the mapping of child indices to item indices through the GeneratorPosition. The easiest way to see how this works is to step through an example of using it. For this example, I created a simple Avalon application that had an ItemsControl bound to 5 integers and used a custom VirtualizingPanel subclass as the ItemsPanelTemplate for the ItemsControl. Then, I inserted some test code into MeasureOverride."
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