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A library for building MEF MVVM applications for Silverlight and WPF. By using this library you can easily build MVVM application.
"MEF is an awesome framework for introducing extensibility in your projects. MEF is built in a generic manner so that you can use it in many different scenarios, example Backend service, ASP.NET application and yes also WPF and Silverlight. Because of MEF being so generic there is no out of the box support for MVVM (example ViewModelLocator so that a View can request a ViewModel to get injected in DataContext, etc…). One of the goals of MEFedMVVM is to do all the MEF plumbing for you so that you can simple say “I want to Export this ViewModel” and then you can have a View that says “I would like that specific ViewModel” and BANG, MEFedMVVM will do all the plumbing by leveraging the Mighty MEF. Besides this MEFedMVVM has DesignTime Data capabilities. MEFedMVVM is very much Blend Aware so that you can add design time stuff (you’ll read more about this in a later section)."
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