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Shows how to add a Close button to a WPF TabItem. The Close button only shows on the selected tab.
"During a recent project, I had a need for a "Close button" on tabs, similar to that in Visual Studio 2010. While trying to find out how to do this, I found several examples on the Internet. Many of these examples used header templates for the TabItem that used nothing but XAML or XAML mixed with some C# code. Other examples had extra features, like making the tab header a different shape, which I did not need. Although I did have a header template that sort of worked the way I wanted it to, it wasn't perfect. And, since I am not that comfortable with XAML anyways (as I come from a WinForms background), I decided to go another route. I know there are probably simpler ways to accomplish this, but the following solution felt simple and straightforward to me, and hopefully someone else finds it useful."
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